New campaign

It’s not all cannoli, gabagool, and family dinners – mob life is hard work. Maybe it’s time to take out that insurance after all… 

Directed by Jelle de Jonge, our newest advert for OHRA ticks all of the right boxes. Teleporting from a dry reality to a doom-scenario fantasy, and back again, giving Jelle the opportunity to really go all-out in his storytelling. “It’s great to see that OHRA is using this new concept for their campaigns,” Jelle said when asked about the new, highly creative, ads. “It really gives you the room to pull out all the stops – every filmmaker’s dream!”. 

And boy, do the results show it – check out the film right here. 

Project Informatie

  • Productiemaatschappij: Holy Fools
  • Reclame Bureau: Joe Public
  • Post Productie: MRTN / Public Audio
  • Edit: Martin Heijgelaar
  • Klant: Ohra
  • D.O.P.: Martijn Van Broekhuizen